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I really like all the casitas casino dealers pretty much all of them and they have  too that’s always nice so if you want to sign up remember that link is down below and you can win some money like I said I cashed out twice already the first the first checks it took a week to transfer because they were internationally you know international checks so I just had to wait a week after I deposit them and it was in my bank account and it was all nice so you do there is a minimum of $500 to withdraw and you have to wait a week after you first deposit so if you’re interested look down below there’s the pit boss he’s gonna do a little bit of shuffling here mixing up both of the cards that were dealt from last hand or the last shoe and the ones that we’re not. Find out other great casino articles at CasinoSlots.

So it’s really cool that you get to see them shuffle right in front of you and it you know it’s it’s cool because it’s an online casino and it’s not like it’s not just digital I don’t like digital for some reason I do not trust the digital cards and the digital blackjack and we surrendered right there nothing much I can do by surrendering I did save 12 and a half dollars I would have Drude the 10 I would have busted and then the dealer it doesn’t really matter cuz I would have been out so I did what I could I knew when to hold em know when to fold them and that’s one instance where surrendering is good so I don’t know why I’m suing in on pit boss maybe I like her classes right now so we’re doing pretty good we’re at $110 I think we started with 150 but we’re having fun and now here is where we got big balls a seven versus a ten we are gonna double the person to my right has a twenty and he is going to split them in very unorthodox fashion now technically.

I would have had a 18 right there you’re never supposed to split 20s or your split your ten it’s not worth it you have a 20 year right there and look at this he has a 15 versus 7 he kind of dug himself into a hole he has 100 dollars on the table he’s got to take another hit and get a perfect 21 my double comes in with a 13 she has a 12 she busts whoa I went with a 13 we’re back up to 185 we’re in the profit right now that was pretty crazy he split his heads the dealer knows that it’s not or it’s unorthodox holy moley is right you’re not supposed to split you’re you’re tense they know it and I’m gonna actually the funniest moment is gonna be coming up here actually in a while I have a six.