Diversity In Your Game

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We’ve all heard the term diversty. We may have heard how it pertains to poker, spreading yourself out in different games. Some do it for boredom and others do it for profitability. I choose the latter.

I’ve played poker for a lot of years and Ive found I’m equally in tune with limit and NL strategy. I even play them both simultaneously to a good deal of success. The one thing I’ve noticed is that they tend to ride out each others swings.

I’ve been running really crappy in SH limit of late. Its not that Ive been getting tremendous bad beats either. I’m playing aggressive and 3 handed when you get hand over hand it tends to get expensive.

I had a situation last night where I had top two pair 4 times in a row get cracked, straights losing to flushes and the like, nothing out of the ordinary just getting coolered. Alright, this is interesting. This certainly could be a Ten and he’s nearly certain i have to call with an Ace. Its actually a very nice bet, I could raise here, but If he has an Ace were splitting if he has a Ten I lose a huge chunk, if he’s bluffing he folds. So raising can’t be right, I smooth call. With the exception of sunday night its been kinda ugly on the limit side dropping now 120BB in a little over a week. Here’s where diversity works well.Just be careful out there when you’re playing at this website and think about what the bets mean before you make them.

On the NL side Ive been playing remarkably well and hands are holding up. Not only have I made up the losses in limit I’m showing just a decent profit for the week because of it. The game I was in last night featured 4 really bad action players, as they went bust solids took their place so when the fish left, the game was busting. I managed to pull 320 off that table before the fish left so it worked out alright. Also pulled a small profit on another NL table, so it worked out where I dropped 160 in limit and made 340 in NL. I’ll take what I can get and keep playing solid. Use diversity in your game can help when running bad in one game as long as you don’t let it affect your play at the other game as well. Feel free to discuss and see you at the tables.