Basics Of 5 Card Draw Poker


Along with being the simplest form of poker, 5 card poker also has the honor of being the oldest and the first form of poker. This explains why this form of poker has very simple rules and steps to follow. It is highly probable that the rules of poker were first introduced in this game. This explains why the game has evolved many times from the time that it was first introduced. This introduction of new rules and strategies has made this game more complex, which in turn has made the game more interesting.

Due to this simple and interesting combination of the game, it used to be the most popular of all the poker games. However compared to the other poker games this game is less complicated and involves very little effort and due these factors the game has lost its popularity. But there are still some players who remain loyal and true to this game simply because of the charm of the game.

In order to understand the game well one must be aware of the fact that like all the other forms of poker 5 card poker also starts with the ‘ante’. ‘Ante’ is the first bet that is made by the players and this will total up to make the pot. One thing to remember at this point is that the amount put as the ‘ante’ is non-refundable which means that even is one player decides to fold after this will have to bear the loss of the amount. After this stage there is one player who is the dealer and he will deal two cards to the players, one will face up and the other will face down. The card that is dealt with the face up is called the door card.

The player with the lowest door card is expected to call the bring-in, which is the bet that he wants to place. The criterion for the bring-in is that it has to half of the amount of the lower wager. In some cases, the bring-in is avoided and in this case, the round of the betting is started by the player with the highest door card. In some cases, two players may have the same high door card.

As with every form of poker, try to watch out for poker addiction — it’s a dangerous thing for everyone, even winning players…